The popular and versatile Avocado is a firm favourite across Europe with many people enjoying the creamy texture and fresh flavours in many dishes and drinks- from salads, to sandwiches, smoothies to yummy guacamole…. the list goes on!

In addition to the great taste of Avocados, the fruit also offers a great deal of health benefits. Proven to lower cholesterol and support your body’s immunity by providing a great deal of good fats and fiber, as well as vital vitamins B, E and K. These qualities have only increased the popularity of the Avocado even more over recent years.

Interested in Purchasing Wholesale Avocados?

All the way from the sunny climates of Dominican Republic, Exotifruit has sourced a fresh supply of large and juicy Carla Avocado. Contact us for availability.

Our supply of Avocados is typically available during the months of May to August and again from September to December, however fresh supply’s do become available during other months.

For full details on availability please contact us.


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