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Bananas are a focal point of trade for Allfresch and make up for 70% of the groups import and export activity.

Over the years we have developed partnerships with the most reliable producers across Latin and South America. Currently we import conventional, organic and organic Fairtrade green and yellow bananas from producers in Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Peru.

The companies within Allfresch specialise in different market sectors, this means that we are able to offer a dedicated and focused proposition to our customers all year round.

Quality Control

Producers and suppliers are first selected according to their quality standards and then monitored regularly.

We operate with the most up to date systems of packing, storage and transport to ensure that the produce is delivered to our customers in prime condition.

Full traceability and the operation of rigid controls throughout all stages of the supply chain are demanded. This includes frequent checks being conducted by quality assurance officers operating to stringent specifications.

Our Partners

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