Integrated Supply Chains

Integrated Supply Chains

At Allfresch Group we have developed several integrated supply chains. The aim is to offer our customers a dedicated and focused proposition all year round.

Where possible seek to find long term partnerships with our producers and together supply only the highest quality, fresh produce from around the world.

In addition, we operate with the most up to date systems of packing, storage and transport. This approach supports producers and enables us to establish our own levels of quality control to ensure that the fresh produce is delivered to customers in prime condition!

Fresh Produce – Integrated Supply Chains

The companies within Allfresch Group specialise in different market sectors including bananas, limes, ginger, avocado, soft citrus, chestnuts, stone fruit and other seasonal produce.

Over the past 10 years we have invested resources in the development of vertically integrated supply chains. Our position within the supply chain enables us to ensure customer requirements are met at the source by taking an active role in the production and quality control process.

With supply sources across several countries and a customer base across 5 continents, we can react quickly to the market variations at both ends of the spectrum.

It is because of our close alignment and coordination within our supply chains that we can offer an extremely competitive and attractive supply solution to our customers, ensuring that our producers are benefiting from their arduous work.

Choosing Allfresch as Your Fresh Produce Supply Partner

Each member of the supply chain works together to satisfy the needs of both clients and producer. The produce is sourced and procured directly from producers and then shipped direct to the customer, eliminating additional handling issues and charges.

The relationships and the investments we have with producers allows us to act as a grower representative. This means that we can bring the end consumer closer to the source.

By working with a variety of customers across the world we aim to utilise the whole crop and ensure volume efficiencies and competitive pricing.

Making Quality a Priority

Our producers and suppliers are selected according to their quality standards. Full trace-ability and the operation of rigid controls throughout all stages of the supply chain are demanded. This includes frequent checks being conducted by quality assurance officers operating to stringent specifications.

If you would like more information about our suppliers and the range of fresh produce available, please contact us.

Fresh Produce

Allfresch Group offers a year round supply of conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananas, limes, soft citrus and many other seasonal fruits.

Reliable Partners

From Europe to South America, Allfresch Group works with only the most trusted and reputable fresh produce suppliers and partners around the world.

Our Brands

Allfresch exports a number of established & recognised brands each with their own offering, from organic bananas to premium quality limes.

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