Fairtrade Mexican Limes

Fairtrade Mexican Limes

Over recent years the market for Fairtrade and organic produce has increased significantly as more and more consumers become more healthy and socially conscious.

As it stands the market for organic and Fairtrade limes is small but evolving. We now offer organically grown, Fairtrade limes.

The Fairtrade project aims to make a difference to the lives of the producers, their communities and the environment. By growing and supplying the best quality limes through our partners Inverafrut we aim to satisfy the ever-changing market needs whilst creating long term stability for producers, packers and customers.

Investment in Producers

The revenue of Fairtrade lime sales will be distributed fairly across small scale farmers and reinvested back into social, economic and environmental production of limes.


Fairtrade Mexican limes are available throughout the year from our partners Inverafrut.

To achieve sustainable production, we would require our customers to make use of the whole crop- 42/48/54 and sometimes 63’s as growing conditions and weather would effect sizing at different periods.


Pricing is to be agreed for a fixed time period throughout the season. Working closely with the grower and our commercial team to plan volumes and availability.

To discuss your requirements or to find out more information about Fairtrade Limes please contact us.

Fairtrade Mexican Limes

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