Red Dragon

Red Dragon

Imported to Europe by the groups subsidiary company Exotifruit, Red Dragon is a world-famous brand of Mexican limes, Chinese pomelo, chestnuts and ginger.

Since the brand was introduced in 2007, many exciting developments have been initiated and today it is the preferred brand in many countries, primarily based on the consistent product quality.

Chinese Ginger

Sourced from our partners in China, the ginger is imported and supplied wet and on racks. It is then dried to order for optimum freshness for our customers across Europe.

Available from our partner ADB Cool company based in Rotterdam, Holland our fresh and delicious ginger is typically available packed in branded 5kg and 12kg cartons. However, bespoke quantities and branding are available up on request.

Chinese Chestnuts

To date Red Dragon has become a dominant force in Chinese chestnuts, which are available from October to January in 5Kg mesh bags and 1Kg mesh bags.

Chinese Pomelo

Another popular product under the Red Dragon brand is pomelo fruit. Grown in the mountainous Fujian province, the pomelos are tested for pesticide residues prior to export at a certified laboratory in Xiamen and packed according to the highest possible standards.

Mexican Limes

We now also import premium Mexican limes from our partners Inverafrut under the Red Dragon brand. If you would like more information about Red Dragon and associated produce, please contact us.

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Red Dragon
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