Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Covington sweet potatoes have recently grown in popularity across Europe. This is due to the root vegetable having versatile health benefits and an increase in the use of the vegetable in recipies, restaurant dishes and cooking programes.

Sourced from the official home of the Sweet Potatoes, our producers in North Carolina operate a reputable and wholesome family owned business.

The family has been involved in farming for three generations and take great pride in producing quality fresh produce, with the Sweet Potatoes as their largest crop export. They grow 1,400 acres of conventional and 250 acres of organic; all in all they farm over 5,000 acres.

Covington Sweet Potatoes are available 12 months of the year subject to quality.

Available in 6Kg boxes, 150 boxes per pallet in varying sizes (L1/L2/X-Large/Mediums). Small and other pack sizes such as 18kg and 1 tonne bins will be available on request.

Sweet Potatoes

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