Fruit Freight Forwarding

Fruit Freight Forwarding

Allfresch Logistics specialises in Fruit Freight Forwarding or more commonly known as Refrigerated Freight.

As a team, they have over ten years’ experience shipping perishable goods across the world for some of the largest fruit and vegetable importers and exporters.

Speed and reliability are vital to the success of perishable shipping. The team achieves this through constant communication with shipping lines and the integration of modern technologies.

Shipping with full visibility means that the logistics team can monitor your goods throughout transit and react to any potential delays or issues.

“Fresh Direct is extremely satisfied with the commitment and performance of the Allfresch Group over the last two and a half years. Their focus on the development of long term programs and relationships has been faultless and willingness to go the extra mile. Outstanding, thank you.” Fresh Direct.

Specialist Fruit Freight Forwarding Team

Shipping perishable produce is a highly specialised task and requires a great deal of care, attention and planning.

Each week Allfresch Logistics arranges thousands of containers to be shipped across the globe, making our Logistics Managers experts in organising shipping, customs clearance and delivery of perishable goods within tight deadlines.

“Allfresch Logistics is a real added value to our business, with clear vision on what is needed in modern logistics. Working around the clock to provide support and authenticated problem solver. I can highly recommend them to any company.” General Manager at KIKA

The Allfresch Logistics team takes the ‘headache’ out of perishable shipping, arranging everything from the collection to delivery, including:

  • Arrange the collection of your goods
  • Chilled warehousing
  • Arrange shipments
  • We ensure each consignment is complete with the relevant documentation and certifications
  • Prepare any licenses and quotas which apply to your produce
  • Ensure your fresh food reaches its destination unspoilt.

The team also offer customs clearance support and daily contact with Port Health and DEFRA for a reliable and fast service which will ensure timely deliveries whichever port you are using.

For more information contact our logistics team.

Fresh Produce

Allfresch Group offers a year round supply of conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananas, limes, soft citrus and many other seasonal fruits.

Reliable Partners

From Europe to South America, Allfresch Group works with only the most trusted and reputable fresh produce suppliers and partners around the world.

Our Brands

Allfresch exports a number of established & recognised brands each with their own offering, from organic bananas to premium quality limes.

Our Partners

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