Our Producers

Our Producers

At Allfresch it is our ongoing aim to bring together both our producers and clients through a shared appreciation of sustainable living and quality, fresh produce.

Over the years we have worked hard to build close working relationships with our producers. We have achieved this by opening direct lines of communication throughout the supply chain.

“The relationships and the investments we have with our supply chain positions us as grower representatives, which means that we can bring the end consumer closer to the source.” Andrew Sperling

We also work closely with our growers to maintain a solid supply chain, ensuring traceability and due diligence.

Commitment to Our Producers

As a group we are committed to the continued development of an integrated supply chain and lasting partnerships.

We have achieved long lasting and valuable relationships with producer groups through mutually beneficial commercial agreements and also by supporting the development of growers and their communities.

Our sales and commercial team is committed to securing programmed sales and a regular and fair income for our producers, all year round.

In addition, our Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Managers maintain a daily liaison with  producers to control the risk for all parties, ensuring produce traceability and minimise risk in shipping and quality claims.

This approach aims to benefit both our producers and our customers. Through our joint ventures and collaborations, we aim to strengthen our position in the supply chain and influence the requirements at source.



Coliman are dedicated to growing, packing and marketing premium quality, Mexican bananas and other fresh produce for markets in both Latin America and overseas.


Inverafrut is Mexico’s biggest lime producers with 25 years of experience devoted to the production of conventional and more recently, Fairtrade limes.

Our Brands

Allfresch has a number of established and recognised brands each with their own fresh produce offering- from organic bananas, to premium quality Chinese chestnuts.

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