About Us

About Us

We pride ourselves on our direct relationships with some of the most reliable and reputable producers across the world.

Integrated Supply Chain & Partnerships

‘Sustainable sourcing and supply are at the heart of what we do.’

As a group, we specialise in the import and export of conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananaslimes, soft citrus and other seasonal produce throughout the year.

Our integrated supply chains and strategic partnerships close the gap between clients and producers. We firmly believe that through investment and developing long-term relationships we can ensure that we meet client’s requirements by taking an active role in the production and quality control process.

‘With supply sources across several countries and a customer base across five continents, we can react quickly to the market variations at both ends of the spectrum.’

Our close alignment and coordination with our partners ensure that we can provide an extremely competitive and attractive supply solution to our clients while ensuring our producers have a stable income stream and benefit from their hard work.

  • Year-round supply programmes
  • Direct relationships with producers and daily communication
  • Quality control and supervision at the source
  • All produce is traceable back to the source
  • End to end logistics management

With an established supply hub in Mexico, we have a ‘finger on the pulse!’ This centralised team oversee quality and supply management not just in Mexico but the across the whole of Latin and South America.

Our unique position enables us to keep up with client demands and source product to specification, providing producers and clients with more security, stability and visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Fresh Produce

We offer a year-round supply of conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananas, limes, soft citrus and many other seasonal fruits.

Our Brands

Allfresch exports a number of established & recognised brands each with their own offering, from organic bananas to premium quality limes.

Reliable Partners

From Europe to South America, we work with only the most trusted and reputable fresh produce suppliers and partners around the world.

Our Partners

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