Conventional Bananas

Conventional Bananas

Allfresch has over 15 years of experience in the import and export of Cavendish bananas. During this time we have developed strong relationships with key producers across Latin and South America, all of which have strengthened in recent years. This is a result of collaborative ventures and the development of integrated supply chains.

Allfresch offers a year-round supply of premium green and yellow conventional, Cavendish bananas. Imported throughout the year from Mexico and Ecuador, we work only with the most reputable and trusted producers who selectively source the bananas from a number of small-scale farmers throughout the region.

All of our produce is delivered against the most stringent of quality checks and produced under best practices.

The majority of conventional bananas are GlobalG.A.P certified which guarantees the producers commitment to social and environmental causes. In some cases, Rainforest Alliance certified fruit is also available. Learn more about certifications.

Conventional bananas are available in 13.5kg or 18kg clusters/hands which are typically vacuum or poly packed, as standard. Other arrangements can be made upon request.

Green and yellow banana programmes are available throughout the year however prices will vary. Please contact us for prices, volumes or to discuss your requirements.

Conventional Bananas

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