Global Banana Importer

Global Banana Importer

Allfresch is primarily a global banana importer. We specialise in developing close partnerships and commercial agreements with producers in Latin and South America, supplying retail and wholesale customers around the world.

Today, 70% of our business is achieved by importing and exporting conventional, organic, and Fairtrade bananas. Our vertically integrated business model ensures that we can offer our customers a dedicated and focused supply programme all year round.

Global Banana Importer

We currently import green bananas from Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. We offer year-round supply programmes tailored to customer requirements.

Mexican Banana Importer

A substantial proportion of organic and organic Fairtrade bananas imported to the UK, Europe, Asia and Australasia are from our trusted partners, Coliman.

The first Mexican grower to obtain organic Fairtrade certification for their bananas, Coliman has created a pioneering and sustainable business model that is both commercially successful and has also had a significant social impact on the local communities.

With a 300-hectare organic banana farm and state-of-the-art packing house, Coliman is our most significant and stable producer in Mexico!

Together, we provide a stable and reliable supply of premium-quality, organic, and Fairtrade Mexican bananas to customers across the UK and Europe throughout the year.

Ecuadorian Bananas

In addition to Mexico, we also offer premium Ecuadorian bananas under our company brand – Amorita. Amorita, which means ‘little love’ is a high quality conventional, organic, organic Fairtrade banana brand.

Over the years, we have worked closely with our producers to build a long-term and sustainable business model, which means that we can provide customers with a year-round supply of high-quality fruit.

We currently work with established and reputable producers in the provinces of Los Rios, Guayas and El Oro.

Dominican Republic Bananas

Our bananas are sourced from the Dominican Republic and offer customers an alternate supply of organic and organic Fairtrade bananas.

Over the past several years, working with our producers in the Dominican Republic, we have developed an excellent understanding of the challenges that banana producers and exporters face on the island every year.

The tropical storms sweeping over the island yearly create conditions that challenge even the most sophisticated producers. By acknowledging nature and its impact on the banana business, we can ensure a timely reaction to challenges and implement contingencies to ensure supply continuity for our customers.

With this experience and knowledge, we have expanded and implemented controls at the supply chain’s most critical stages.

Also, our team continuously looks to improve local practices and controls in the long term.

Supply Programmes

We offer year-round supply programmes and spot sales for conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananas. Please contact our UK-based team for further supplier information or to discuss your supply requirements.

Social Responsibility

Dedicated to sustainable production of quality fresh produce. It is our aim to supply fresh quality produce, responsibly, with honesty & integrity.

Group Structure

Each of the companies specialises in different market sectors. This means that we can offer a dedicated and focused proposition to our customer all year round.

Our Brands

We have a number of established brands each with their own fresh produce offering- from organic bananas to premium Mexican limes.

Our Partners

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