Our Producers

Our vertically integrated supply chain ensures quality, traceability and fairness for both client & producer.

Developing and Maintaining Strong Relationships with Producers

At Allfresch we pride ourselves on the valuable relationships that we have developed with our partners and producers around the world. It is our continued mission to strengthen the line of communication and to close the gap between the producer and customer.

  • We source produce from only the most reliable and trusted producers
  • We maintain daily communication with our producers
  • We invest time and resources at the source to further improve production capabilities, supply chain and communities.
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Sustainable Sourcing & Supply

Working towards increased sustainability for producers and meeting the demands of our clients.

Working Towards a Sustainable Future

As a group we are committed to the sustainable production and marketing of high quality fresh produce from around the world. Alongside our partners we strive to supply high quality produce with fairness and integrity.

  • Full produce traceability
  • Certifications, control and supervision
  • Nurturing our growers and insuring their commercial viability
  • Providing producers with ongoing support and resources.
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Fresh Produce Group


Our Partners

Red Dragon
Allfresch Logistics
End to End Logistics

Allfresch Logistics adds value to our client’s supply chain through integration of land, sea and air transportation from country of origin to point of sale.

Delivering Fresh Produce Quickly & Efficiently

Allfresch Logistics has over 10 years’ experience in the shipping and food industries. With contacts through the groups partners we can source fresh produce and deliver it to your desired destination with full traceability and documentation.

  • Proven track record in shipping perishable goods
  • Dedicated and expert Logistics Managers
  • Access to major shipping lines and agents around the world
  • Preferential routes and competitive rates.
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Supply Chain Management

Developing and maintaining strong relationships with our producers and customers around the world.

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

Our vertically integrated model ensures that we meet both the demands of the market place by supplying high quality produce, trace-ability and fairness for producers.

  • As a group we aim to achieve consistency and fairness for our producers
  • We aim to meet customer needs by developing and maintaining relationships with our producers
  • Working hard to nurture and develop long standing relationships with both producer and customer.
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What our Customers Say

“Just a short note to thank the team, for a professional, yet personal approach that Allfresch have brought to customs clearance and freight services. I would have no qualms in recommending your company to anybody. Once again a big thank you!”

D.P. Packaging (Spalding) Ltd