Coliman Mexican organic and organic fairtrade bananasColiman is located in Tecoman in the Mexican state of Colima. Coliman are dedicated to growing, packing and marketing Mexican bananas and other fresh produce for markets in both Latin America and overseas.

Founded by Mr. Custodio Aguilar-Malaga in the 1960’s, the family owned Coliman Group started its farming operations in the Colima area of Western Mexico. The Coliman group has now been operating for over 54 years!

In the late 1970s, the group grew its farming and marketing operations in other regions of Mexico, first in the Northern state of Sonora, later in Northern and Southern Baja California, Aguascalientes, and Tapachula, Chiapas.

Operations now includes a marketing and distribution facility in Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California, a trucking company, and several other companies providing related services.

Coliman Mexican Banana Supply

Coliman supply organic, Fairtrade and organic Fairtrade bananas all of which are certified under Organic EU, Fairtrade, GlobalG.A.P, Rainforest Alliance and USDA.

All Coliman conventional bananas are certified by GlobalG.A.P, a governing body put in place to protect both the producers and consumers.

Coliman take great care in the harvesting and transportation of their bananas and each bunch is protected from extreme cold, cut manually and transported to their packaging facilities.

Coliman Organics & Organic Fairtrade Bananas

Certified to produce and distribute organic and organic Fairtrade bananas around the world, Coliman was the first Mexican grower to obtain organic certification for their bananas.

More recently the group also launched a new 300 hectare organic banana farm and state of the art packing house, positioning Coliman as the largest producer in Mexico!

To date, Coliman’s organic programme has positively impacted the lives of their workers and communities. They have helped to make positive improvements to education, housing and infrastructure throughout Colima.

“For Coliman, our people as well as their families and our land are just as important as our customers. We feel it is a symbiotic relationship where everyone contributes to the betterment and improvement of both people and mother earth.” Jorge Angel Aguilar Jr. Coliman CEO.

Coliman are conscious of the environmental impact of production, so much so that they have put measures in place to lessen the environmental impact by decreasing soil contamination and allowing the regeneration of microbial flora. This has resulted in a positive environmental impact of soil conservation, the protection of wildlife and efficient water usage through adequate irrigation systems.


The relationship between Allfresch Group and Coliman was first formed in 2013. Since then we have built strong working relationships with the group which resulted in us joining forces to create Coliman Allfresch.

Coliman Allfresch is a globally integrated company that specialises in the supply of high quality organic bananas from Mexico into Europe. The new venture aims to bring the customer closer to the source of their produce.

For more information about premium quality organic bananas from Coliman Allfresch please contact us.

Coliman Produce Certifications

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