Exported through our partner company Fruesh, our team sources only the highest quality of Valencia and Navel Oranges from our trusted and reputable suppliers in Egypt and Spain.

Valencia Oranges

Grown in Spain, our Valencia Oranges are of the highest grade. Sweet and succulent, the Valencia Orange is valued for its high juice content, thin skin and lack of seeds is predominantly used for juicing.

The Valencia variety is typically available weekly, from March until September.

Navel Oranges

Sourced from our reputable producers in Egypt, the Navel Orange or ‘winter’ orange is popular across the world for eating due to its sweet flavour, easy peel and lack of seeds.

The Navel Orange is typically available, weekly from December through to May.

Fruesh markets two varieties of oranges- the Navel Orange, sourced from Egypt and the Valencia variety sourced from our producers in Spain.

The Oranges are typically packed in 15kg crates in varying sizes: 36s | 40s | 56s| 64s | 72s | 80s | 88s | 100s.

For more detailed information about our producers, availability and pricing please contact us.


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