Fruesh imports and exports high quality lemons on behalf of our trusted and reputable producers in Turkey and Spain and are typically available throughout the year.

Known for their sharp and zesty taste, the lemon fruit works well with hundreds of different flavours and is used in a number of ways including; juicing, seasoning, health remedies, baking, cleaning and more!

In addition to their great flavour, lemons are extremely high in Vitamin C and are extremely good for your immune system!


Sourced from our producers in both Turkey and Spain, we have annual availability of fresh and delicious Lemons.

The lemons are typically packed in 5kg crates in varying sizes: 30s | 35s | 40s and 15kg crates in varying sizes:  80s | 90s | 100s | 110s

For more detailed information about our producers, availability and pricing please contact us.


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