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Organic Banana Imports

Organic Banana Imports

Alongside our partners, Allfresch offers a year-round supply of premium quality organic bananas to customers across the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

With the demand for organic produce showing no signs of slowing and consumers seeking out ethically sourced and environmentally friendly produce, Allfresch and our supply partners are committed to increasing global sales of organic bananas.

Organic Banana Supply

This is an important growth area for Allfresch and we are committed to sustainable and transparent sourcing. We work alongside our suppliers to ensure all produce meets the requirements of organic certifications through close supervision of operations at source.

It is our ongoing aim to develop our producers and their communities whilst minimising the impact of production on the environment.

Quality is important to us. Regular residue sampling is carried out, full traceability and the operation of rigid controls throughout all stages of the supply chain ensure that the fruit meets the requirements of both customers and organic certifications.

Organic green banana programmes are available all year round and are delivered into various ports across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia.

The bananas are typically packed in 13.5kg, 17kg and 18kg printed cluster bags, branded tape, in a Polybag or loose. To discuss volumes, pricing and availability please contact us.

Organic Banana Imports

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