“Bringing the customer and the grower closer together”

We are a group of companies in partnership with reliable growers all over the world. The companies within the group specialise in different products and market sectors this means that we are able to offer a dedicated and focused proposition to our customers all year round.

Bananas are our focal point of trade with 70% of our business done through the import and export of bananas. We export from Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. We work with conventional, organic and organic Fairtrade fruit.

In addition to Bananas, we also have a business that is dedicated to the import of limes. Exotifruit is a major importer of Mexican limes into Europe. They provide a fresh, direct supply of limes all year round to retail, food services, wholesalers, manufacturing and juicing outlets.

The rest of our business is made up of the import and distribution of other seasonal fruits on a global basis. We work with citrus, apples, grapes, stone fruit and more.

To find out more about the range of produce on offer please contact us.

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Who We Are

  • Our company was founded in 2002
  • We trade to and from Europe with multinationals & wholesalers
  • Our main products are bananas, citrus, grapes and exotics
  • Supplying 500,000 x 18Kg to wholesale markets in UK per year
  • Supplying 1,500,000 x 18Kg green fruit
  • 50% Allfresch Group / 50% Fairtrasa Int’l

Our Mission

To supply quality produce, responsibly and with honesty and integrity.
To achieve sustainability for both us and our growers, by meeting and exceeding the demands of our clients.
John Lynch, General Manager