Coliman Allfresch

Coliman Allfresch

Coliman Allfresch is a joint venture with established Mexican banana producers Coliman. Together we aim to provide a stable and reliable supply of premium quality, organic and organic Fairtrade Coliman bananas throughout the year.

Coliman Allfresch – Organic Fairtrade Bananas

Coliman organic bananas are grown using organic fertilisers, free of chemicals and once harvested are protected from extreme cold, cut manually and then transported to state of the art packing facilities. All of this ensures the best tasting banana!

In addition to organic processes, in 2014 Coliman obtained the Fairtrade certification for their organic bananas, further demonstrating their commitment to sustainability for both their employees and the environment.

The Fairtrade premium has directly contributed to over 20 projects related to health, education, construction, housing improvement and community aid, benefiting a total of 595 associates as well as their families and communities.

Produce Certifications

Visit Coliman for full details on their certifications and quality assurance.


Fresh Produce

We offer a year-round supply of conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananas, limes, soft citrus and many other seasonal fruits.

Reliable Partners

From Europe to South America, we work with only the most trusted and reputable fresh produce suppliers and partners around the world.

Supply Chain

Working closely with our partners we can offer an end-to-end supply service, delivering consistency & continuity to customers around the world.

Our Partners

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