Inverafrut Mexican limesLocated in Veracruz state, Mexico, Inverafrut is one of Mexico’s biggest lime producers with 25 years of experience devoted to the production of conventional and more recently, Fairtrade limes.

Producing over 22,000 tonnes of fruit for export every year, Inverafrut has been serving Europe and the US with high quality, fresh limes for many years.

Leading Mexican Supplier of Limes

In Mexico, the Persian lime crop annually provides employment for nearly 3 million farmers. The production of limes in this region directly benefits the Mexican community, as well as providing a year-round supply of Mexican limes to world markets.

“My aim has always been to grow and supply the best quality Mexican limes to satisfy ever changing market needs. By doing this, we have succeeded in creating long-term stability for our growers, our workers, our colleagues and, above all, for our customers.

Working closely with the supply chain allows us to offer a year-round, 12-month supply of fresh, Mexican limes on a global scale.” Adriana Melchor, CEO. Inverafrut.

Inverafrut is committed to the continued and permanent improvement of the quality of their products and availability of their produce. Find out more about Inverafrut’s lime production capacity.

A series of stringent food safety measures are also in place to ensure that from the time of harvesting right through to packing. Ensuring that the final product meets international quality standards.

Mexican Lime Imports into Europe

The GlobalG.A.P certification means that Inverafrut can export to the 30 countries in the European Union and the Middle East. Inverafrut has etablished import offices worldwide. Beginning in Europe where the company has a site in the Netherlands. Inverafrut has more recently expanded and opened subsidiaries in McAllen, Texas and Seoul, South Korea.

As one team, Inverafrut and UK based importer Exotifruit, successfully supply one of the largest imports of high quality Mexican limes into the UK and Europe. The unique partnership successfully provides a direct sales and commercial link between the grower and the customer.

The limes are directly shipped to all destinations in Europe and neighbouring countries, ensuring the best quality and service.


Limes are available 52 weeks throughout the year, with prices fluctuating according to market conditions. If you would like more information on availability and prices, please contact our team.

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