Proud Sponsors of Inciativa 7

Proud Sponsors of Inciativa 7

Our partner Inverafrut is a Mexican produce grower and export company, located in the South-eastern state of Veracruz. Allfresch Group has worked with Inverafrut for many years and it is through this business function that I was introduced to Inverafrut nonprofit interests; Inverafrut Foundation.

One of the initiatives of the foundation is to support and promote a youth football team called ‘Iniciativa 7’. Iniciativa 7 is an entirely nonprofit social project which was created to support and protect poverty stricken children by providing them with the opportunity to learn, eat healthily and play football- a game that they love!

Inicativa 7 Foundation

Main issues facing the children of Mexico are homelessness, expliotation, malnutrition, obesity through poor diet, exposure to drugs, sexual abuse and criminal activity.

Iniciativa 7 is a special project that promotes education in general but above all it focuses on poor children with talents and dreams of playing not only in their towns but in different national and international fields.

Iniciativa 7 Aim to address the following issues often faced by the children of rural Mexico.

  • To promote sports activities to children and youth who have less opportunities
  • To use utilise the childrens free time in sports activities
  • To promote the childrens physical and mental development
  • To promote responsibilityand motivate the children to be respectful and good citizens within their community
  • To involve the children in the teaching/learning process of Football
  • To teach the children the foundations, technique and tactics of Football
  • To motivate and install the importance of team work
  • To promote the benefit of hard work and effort.

Once the children join Iniciativa 7, the foundation works with the children to explore their capabilities and talents throughout their physical development, discipline and team work. In return for their hard work and commitment the children recieve the following support through the foundation.

“Iniciativa 7 supports the children in as football players but also encourage them to be happy and healthy human beings.”

  • Medical service and nutritionist
  • Total or partial payment of the training
  • Weekly Football training with coaches
  • Participation in local and not local tournaments
  • Technique training with specialists in sports
  • Medicines and medical checking, and dental service
  • Training workshops, formative and honor code
  • An official uniform
  • A monthly package of goods
  • Other expenses associated with the expense of official tournaments.


To achieve its goal, Iniciativa 7 works hard to obtain financial sponsors from Mexico and other countries to help those children that need it, those who cannot pay a sport training, costs of uniforms and professional trainers.

Allfresch Group & Iniciativa 7

Allfresch Group actively sponsors the foundation with regular donations and as part of our commitment and support we also arranged for  Iniciativa 7 to join us here in the UK for a week long football tour!

As part of this the children were flown in from Mexico to the UK in April 2017. The tour included a whole host of events including arranged youth football tournaments, a visit to their beloved Manchester United Football grounds, seats at league games, a fundraiser in their honor and more!

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