Coliman International

Coliman International

Our business is a simple one in essence. We are vertically integrated partners delivering a sustainable and consistent supply of premium quality bananas to customers worldwide, direct from our reputable producers.

Coliman International is a joint venture with established Mexican banana producer Coliman. As a vertically integrated producer-owned banana business, we aim to offer a sustainable, consistent product from a reliable source and develop long term relationships with like-minded partners.

Coliman has the largest and best-equipped organic banana packing plant in Mexico and Latin America, making us one of the leading organic banana producers in the world. With Coliman Mexico, we can offer conventional, organic and Fairtrade banana programs.

Vertically Integrated Team

In short, our vertically integrated model means that we can communicate our client’s requirements direct to the producers, making even the most complex specifications possible.

Not Just Another Banana

We are the largest independent organic producer of bananas globally, with almost 1,500 hectares across four farms in Mexico alone.

In organic terms, larger farms offer an enormous benefit and ensure tight controls and a reliable product.

Continuous investment in our people and technology ensures that we are working with the most advanced facilities in the banana industry, working tirelessly to ensure all our bananas meet the highest levels expected by our clients.

Making the right choice an easy choice for your customer

As well as food safety, social and environmental impact is high on our agenda. We have also introduced biodegradable packaging, which breaks down naturally within six months in a household compost or within three months at an industrial composting facility.

What will be left are carbon dioxide, water, and nutrient-rich compost – which you can use for your plants and herbs. This is truly revolutionary, as ordinary plastic can take several centuries to break down.

Transparent Supply Chain Model

Embracing transparency in supply is mandatory. We continuously demand complete visibility from our producers, all the way through the supply network.

Coliman Mexico

Located in Tecoman, Colima, Coliman was the first producer to become organically certified in Mexico. Coliman’s organic bananas are Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and USDA Organic certified, ensuring that the company is compliant with regulatory issues, including environmental care, labour rights, and the quality and care of products.

Coliman’s organic bananas are grown using organic fertilisers, free of chemicals. Once harvested, they are protected from extreme cold, cut manually and then transported to a state of the art packing facilities. All of this ensures the best tasting banana!

In 2014, Coliman obtained the Fairtrade certification for their organic bananas, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability for both their employees and the environment.

The Fairtrade premium has directly contributed to over 20 projects related to health, education, construction, housing improvement and community aid, benefiting a total of 595 associates as well as their families and communities.


Produce Certifications

Visit Coliman for full details on their certifications and quality assurance.


Going Beyond Fairtrade 

Our goal is to provide only the best fresh organic bananas in the marketplace whilst ensuring workers in the field can earn a decent and dignified living.

To date, Fairtrade projects funded through premiums alone have positively impacted over 1,120 people alone, with commercial contributions having further supported the education, health and rights of workers and their families.

Check out the recent development of Colimans Fairtrade Socio-Cultural Center in Mexico, funded by fairtrade premiums

Fresh Produce

We offer a year-round supply of conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananas, limes, soft citrus and many other seasonal fruits.

Reliable Partners

From Europe to South America, we work with only the most trusted and reputable fresh produce suppliers and partners around the world.

Supply Chain

Working closely with our partners we can offer an end-to-end supply service, delivering consistency & continuity to customers around the world.

Our Partners

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