Mexican Ginger

Mexican Ginger

Grown in the municipality of Tuzamapan, South East of Mexico the joint venture with our long standing partners Inverafrut aims to deliver a high quality crop of Thai Ginger also known as Galanga Root. Galanga Root is an immensely pungent and fiery rhizome related to the common ginger but with a personality distinctly its own.

It is our aim to help Inverafrut meet their objectives and achieve a fairer price in the market place. We are committed to working closely with Inverafrut to offer a high quality supply of fresh Mexican Ginger on a global scale.

Mexican  Ginger is available at various points throughout the year. All orders are dried, picked and packed to ensure optimum freshness, so please allow 3 days for this process to be completed.

The ginger is typically vailable in volumes of 13KG.

Mexican Ginger

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