Sourced from a number of trusted and reputable producers across Turkey, Isreal and Cyprus, Fruesh markets high quality Ruby and March White varieties of grapefruit to customers across Europe.

Marsh Grapefruit

There are two types of marsh grapefruit. One has yellow-white flesh and yellow skin with both a sweet and acidic taste. The other is pink marsh which has a yellow skin and pink flesh which is less acidic but sweeter.

Ruby Red Grapefruit

The Ruby Red grapefruit (also a member of the Marsh variety,) has a yellow to pale red skin and red flesh. It is less acidic than the white Marsh and is considerably sweeter.


Sourced from a number of reputable producers in Turkey, Israel and Cyprus we have availability of Ruby and White March varieties of grapefruit typically from September through to March.

Grapefruits are typically packed in 15kg boxes with various counts available: 35s | 40s | 45s | 50s | 55s.

For more information about volumes, availability and pricing please contact us.


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