Mibio Bananas

Mibio Bananas

Mibio is the groups new protected brand for premium organics. Mibio bananas are sourced from only the most reputable producer associations in The Dominican Republic.

After several years working with the supplier associations, we have developed a good working relationship with key members of the supply chain and have come to understand the challenges both producers and exporters face every year on the Island.

It is with this experience and knowledge that tighter controls have been implemented at the most critical stages of the supply chain. This is to ensure the best quality produce. Working with our selected producers and strengthening controls at source we believe that we can maintain the premium reputation that the brand has been designed for.

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Premium Mibio Bananas

The Mibio brand will primarily be focused around organics and organic Fairtrade bananas. This move further strengthens the groups commitment to sustainable sourcing, ensuring that the producers receive a fair price for their fruit and that the quality meets the markets demands.

Whilst other premium banana brands from Dominican Republic are already being supplied to various importers, the hope is that Mibio will set a new standard for organics from this region.

Mibio Banana Programmes

Mibio bananas are available to customers in 18kg cluster bags or loose in 18kg cartons and will primarily be available to customers in the UK and France, however there are future plans to enter markets across the rest of Europe soon after.

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Produce Certifications

All of the Mibio produce is EU Organic, Fairtrade and GlobalG.A.P certified, with the additional GRASP add-on currently being processed.

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