Group Stucture

Allfresch Group is made up of wholly owned and part owned companies situated across UK, Europe, South America, China and Dubai thus giving us geographical coverage and access to different markets for imports and exports.

In addition to the groups geographical presence, the teams within the group are made up of highly qualified business professionals skilled in foreign trade, who understand the needs of our customers and our growers.

Each of the companies specialises in different market sectors. This means that we can offer a dedicated and focused proposition to our customer all year round.

We understand the importance of having a single point of contact that can offer an end to end service and being vertically integrated we can guarantee a made to measure service that delivers consistency and continuity of supply.

Allfresch Logistics

With over 25 years of experience in the shipping and food industries, Alfresch Logistics work with some of the world’s biggest fruit importers and exporters.


Exotifruit offer a year round supply of conventional and Fairtrade Persian seedless Limes,  Chinese Ginger, Avocadoes and Sweet Potatoes to customers across the world.

Fruesh import, export, broker and trade all types of fresh fruits of the highest quality throughout the world including citrus, exotics, bananas, chestnuts and more!

Our Partners

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