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About Allfresch Group

About Allfresch Group

Allfresch Group specialises in the wholesale import and export of conventional, organic and fair trade fresh produce.

We are a group of companies in partnership with reliable producers all over the world, each specialising in different products and market sectors which means we are able to offer a dedicated and focused proposition to our customers all year round.

Bananas are our focal point of trade with 70% of our business done through the import and export of bananas. We export from Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru and Ecuador and we work with only the highest quality conventional, organic and organic Fairtrade fruit.

In addition to Bananas, we also have a business that is dedicated to the import of limes. Exotifruit is a major importer of Mexican limes into Europe. They provide a fresh, direct supply of limes all year round to retail, food services, wholesalers, manufacturing and juicing outlets.

The rest of our business is made up of the import and distribution of other seasonal fruits on a global basis. We work with citrus, apples, grapes, stone fruit and more.

Producer Representatives

At Allfresch we pride ourselves on the valuable relationships with our growers. We provide the vital link and all important communication between the grower and the final customer.

“Bringing the customer and the producer closer together!”

It is our aim moving forwards to bring the customer and producer closer together through increased and improved lines of communication. We also actively invite our customers to visit producers and see firsthand the quality controls and processes put in place to ensure only the highest quality fruit is delivered.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our group mission is to supply high quality produce from across the globe to our varied clients in an honest and sustainable way; we seek to find long term reliable producers at source and destination to help grow our business with mutual benefit in a structured and transparent manner.

As a group we are heavily involved in sustainable sourcing through organic and Fairtrade projects, we take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously but we are a fully commercial for profit enterprise.

Find out more about our commitment to sustainable sourcing.

Fresh Produce

Allfresch Group offers a year round supply of conventional, organic and Fairtrade bananas, limes, soft citrus and many other seasonal fruits.

Our Brands

Allfresch exports a number of established & recognised brands each with their own offering, from organic bananas to premium quality limes.

Our Partners

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