Introducing some of our Growers


Coliman is a banana grower, packer and shipper company, located in Tecoman Colima in the Mexican state of Colima. It belongs to a family-owned group of companies dedicated to grow, pack and marketing fresh fruits and vegetables in Mexico and overseas.

The Coliman Group started its farming operations in the 1960s, in the Colima area of western Mexico, headed by Mr. Custodio Aguilar-Malaga. It soon expanded its activities to include packing and marketing. Later, in the late 1970s, the group grew its farming and marketing operations in other regions of Mexico, first in the Northern state of Sonora, later in Northern and Southern Baja California, Aguascalientes, and Tapachula, Chiapas.

Nowadays, the group also includes a marketing and distribution facility in Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California, a trucking company, and several other companies providing related services.



inverafrut-logoInverafrut is a Mexican grower and exporter company, located in the South-eastern state of Veracruz. They produce pineapple, lime, banana, mango, avocado, and habanero chillies.

“My aim has always been to grow and supply the best quality Mexican limes to satisfy ever-changing market needs. By doing this, we have succeeded in creating long-term stability for our growers, our workers, our colleagues and, above all, for our customers. Working closely with the supply chain allows us to offer a year-round, 12 month supply of fresh, Mexican limes on a global scale.”

Adriana Melchor Muñoz, Co-owner of Inverafrut

“Para mi, lo más importante siempre ha sido cultivar y suplir limas mexicanas de la mejor calidad para que satisfagamos las necesidades del mercado en constante cambio. Así hemos llegado a crear una estabilidad de larga duración para nuestros cultivadores, nuestros clientes. Trabajando mano a mano con la cadena de suministro nos permite suplir las limas mexicanas frescas a escala mundial 12 meses al año, todo el año.”

Adriana Melchor Muñoz, Copropietario de Inverafrut